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What is a Pension Plan in Canada?

The following are the major types of pension plans in Canada:

- Defined Benefit Pension Plan - this is the most generous type of plan available and is typical for public sector workers and some private sector ones. The employer is responsible for at least 50% of the money that goes into it and the employee also pays in yearly. The employees' payments result in a loss of their RRSP contribution room.

- Defined Contribution Pension Plan - this is a common private sector plan where the employee contributes to the plan and the employer generally matches that contribution up to a limit. This also reduces the employees' RRSP contribution room.

- Canada Pension Plan - if you earn employment income above about $3,500 then it is mandatory to contribute to CPP. The contributions build up over a lifetime and you can start CPP at age 60 with a reduction in the amount or as late as age 70 with added benefits.

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