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What we do

Merrick Financial is a one stop resource designed to comprehensively review and design your investment, tax, retirement and estate strategy. We keep all your goals in mind when building a holistic plan that takes into account your lifestyle, your preferences and your goals. 


We'll determine how to best build your assets through savings and investments, and we'll nail down an appropriate expense budget. The custom financial plan we build isn't a snapshot in time, it's an adjustable plan for your entire life modified accordingly for your various life stages.

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The Expected Outcome.

The actual outcome from our time with you is a lifelong spreadsheet showing income, expenses and investments based on one or more scenarios that we work together to develop. We then provide a model with an entire financial plan for each of the scenarios. We also give you a written report summarizing your financial situation, your goals, and our recommendations.

Most importantly, we make sure you understand everything. Numbers aren't for everyone and you are likely hiring us because some (or most) of this financial planning stuff makes little sense to you. We help you to clearly understand everything we do and every recommendation we provide. 

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About Our Fees

We have no hidden fees! No management expense ratio, trailing commission, referral fee, asset based fees, etc. Our charges are clear, straightforward and up front in the process. 

Our fees are purely for our services. We are independent and objective, so we never receive or take any commissions for any financial products. It is our obligation to put your interests first. If you are wondering whether the cost is worth it, we assure you it is.


We'll often save you significant investment fees and management fees. We'll also find the holes in your budget and make sure your financial health is comprehensively planned so you are not scrambling to meet your goals in later years. 

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