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Chris Merrick


FINANCIAL PLANNER and former Company President
Chris Merrick founder and principal at Merrick Financial Inc.

Chris is a specialist in the management of personal finances. He is skilled and knowledgeable about retirement planning, tax strategies and investment portfolios. As a financial planner he enjoys putting his knowledge to work for his clients and helping them achieve financial independence.

Chris focuses on a client centred practice and always puts the customer's interests first. Aligning the client's goals and values with professional, accurate and honest financial advice leads to a winning situation, peace of mind and more free time for our clients. 

Chris also has a reliable network of professionals to refer clients to as required. 


Our past clients tell us that we are honest, trustworthy and easy to work with!

Away from the office Chris enjoys spending time with his family, enjoying the outdoors, cycling and watching sports, and competitive sailing racing.


He also spends time reading about current financial and world issues.



Historically, Canadians have had access to high-quality and personalized financial advice, usually through a bank or an independent investment dealer. Both of these business models rely on selling the customer financial products. Under this model, the advisor is generally a salesperson and may not always provide unbiased advice.


Our model is to offer unbiased, independent, objective advice. Fee structures were designed that are unlike the traditional referral fees/sales fees/trailing commissions that can bring a bias to an investor's advice.


We offer sound advice on how to lower fees, pay down debt and save to reach your short and long term goals.

We want to help you so you are not intimidated in dealing with banks' sales people and how to open a discount brokerage account.

We do not accept referral fees or commission from third parties.

Chis Merrick from Merrick Financial Inc. with his family
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