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Retirement Planning

Detailed financial, values, and goals based written plan

Common questions that Canadians face when they get close to retirement and are assessing their financial future: 


  • Will I have enough for retirement?

  • How much can I comfortably spend in a year in retirement?

  • What happens to my RRSP when I turn 71?

  • What are the differences between a RRIF and RRSP?

  • Are there any investment options suited to retirement?

  • What estate taxes and probate fees will I face?

We can determine this with our scenario analysis - this is the process of projecting your financial life into the future with our advanced financial planning software. We can offer 2-3 different scenarios to suit your situation / life preferences. 

In addition to your RRSP and TFSA, most Canadians are eligible for and uncertain of when to take their:

  • CPP - Canadian Pension Plan

  • OAS - Old Age Security

  • Some sort of employer-sponsored plan?

We will tell you how to tax efficiently live in retirement. Go over the best income splitting (if applicable) strategies. From which accounts to draw money from first and consult with you on your goals, values, and layout a yearly spending plan to suit your needs. All projected many years in the future with advanced, industry-leading software.


  • Service includes two meetings held by video conferencing

  • Written financial plan with recommendations

  • Action items and assistance with implementation

  • A retirement plan includes a projection well into the future for your financial affairs and life. 

Price:  Starting at $2,500 + HST 

Ideal for:


  • Someone in the "near retirement" life stage

  • Someone in retirement looking for a second opinion

  • Anyone wondering what retirement could look like for them in the future. 

Should you require assistance with the implementation of the plan we can add this to the package as required.

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