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Business Meeting

As an independent, forward looking fee only | advice only financial planner we can help with our many years' business operational experience. You want a financial planner who has actually lived all of the following issues, run a medium sized business and is not going to talk to you theoretically. 

Topics to discuss:

  • Unsure how to structure your business? Remain a sole proprietorship or join a partnership?

  • Need a holding company?

  • Have questions about business structure and tax rates?


Our financial planning knowledge and 20 years business experience covers the following areas that we normally review and assist a business owner with:

  • Financial Management - How do I take money out of the business efficiently? What should I do with my surplus cash? Should I pay down debt or invest?

  • Investment Planning - We can tell you in plain language how your investments are doing and the fees you are paying. We can also advise on asset allocation and go through the various different ways of investing. 

  • Retirement Planning - Are you planning to use your corporation as a retirement vehicle? With our advanced financial planning software we can determine the most tax efficient way to draw your money out for your retirement years. 

  • Tax Planning - We understand the big picture and how your corporation / partner / kids, etc. can fit into it with tax efficiency in mind. Salary vs. Dividends?

  • Estate Planning - Have you thought about how you want your assets / business to pass on to the next generation? Have you considered the potential tax liability?

  • Risk Management - We complete a thorough needs based risk assessment  by assessing your needs for life insurance / critical illness and disability insurance. This is then integrated with your family situation / plan.

We can determine this with our scenario analysis - this is the process of projecting your financial life into the future with our advanced financial planning software. We can offer 2-3 different scenarios to suit your situation / life preferences. 


As a successful former medium-sized manufacturing company business owner Chris is ideally situated to offer financial advice to business owners. You want someone who has been at the office, late at night, struggling to decide what to do. Someone who also knows what it's like to wake up in the night multiple times and think about how to move forward. No matter what line of business you're in, financial affairs are always a part of this and we can bring a real-world perspective and experience to it for you.

We typically deal with business owners of companies that do up to $7,000,000 / year of sales. 

A full financial plan (financial management, risk management, investment planning, retirement planning, tax planning, and estate planning) integrated with planning for your business - starting at $3,000 + HST.


Should I buy real estate with my corporation?

You have extra money, ready for investing, in your corporation. Are you better off buying real estate in the corporation or taking the money out and buying it personally? There are many points to consider such as the tax implications, how many properties do you have, how are you going to fund it, liability, is this your first home, etc. Real estate in a corporation can be a good idea as long as it fits into your overall financial plan.

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