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Investmet Analysis
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"We offer a clear, unbiased, independent review of your investments. Whether you manage your own investments, hold them with an independent advisor, or through your company plan, we will give you an independent review.  We look at issues such as:

  • What fees are you paying on these investments? Are you getting value for them?

  • How well are they performing?

  • Is your asset allocation right to meet your financial goals?

  • Are your investments tax efficient?

  • Is your asset risk profile right to meet your financial goals?

  • Should you invest in that rental property?

  • Help you understand the range of investment implementation options available in the marketplace: financial advisor, DIY, roboadvisor, etc.. This is done with our investing presentation via video call. 

  • Do you need help in finding the right investment / portfolio manager? We can conduct a thorough search on your behalf.  

  • Identify gaps and problems in the portfolio

  • We will present easy to understand recommendations for your portfolio. Financial planning should come BEFORE investing. 


Price: Starting at $​1,900 + HST

(dependent on complexity of client's financial situation)

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